Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-600

Sorry for the crappy pics...

Box pics:

In package:


Figure without stand:

Figure with stand:

In action:

Pistons mania!!!

Close up view:

Height comparison with T-800:

Size comparison with other 1/6 figures:

Overall = Superb level of engineering by Hot Toys!!!
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My latest haul

Latest haul

Transformers Robot Heroes Optimus Prime and Ravage

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-600
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hot Toys Replacements Arrived

Just received replacements for my Hot Toys Batmobile R2 spoiler and Hellboy's hand peg

The package:

The spoiler:

Hellboy's hand peg:

The original spoiler with broken piston:

The replacement spoiler:

Keep it up Hot Toys!! You guys are the best!!
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