Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Top Ten Toys of 2009

I've beed asked by a fellow toy collector to list down my favourite toys of 2009. So here they are:

10) Dr. Figures Spy Seven a.k.a. Daniel Craig as James Bond

Purchased on the first day of 2009, this was my first purchased of the year. Quantum of Solace was just being released the previous November and with that, I looked everywhere for a Bond figure. I got two choices that time, either to buy this or Loading Toys. I chose this one as it includes a body as well as multiple accessories. A good choice though!!

View the pics here

9) Transformers Mighty Muggs Optimus Prime

Why this one? It's easy. The pain I had to suffer for the sake of just getting it. When first released, I searched everywhere for it. Went to various shops, either being told to buy them in set of 4, or just wait for the SDCC version. Luck was on my side one day as I finally found it, without needing to buy the other sets.

View the pics here

8) Other ROTF Transformers toys

For this year, it can be said, it's the year of the Transformers, same as it was in 2007. Hasbro dominated the toy world with the release of ROTF. As a Prime collector, this was one of the best year to collect all the movie Prime versions. My motto, get it before the hype dried out as it will be more difficult to get it later and it will be more expensive.

7) Transformers ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime

It's easy to include this figure in my top ten. Beautifully crafted with electronic functions, it's just a perfect movie incarnation of Optimus. I was well happy with this figure but was instantly shattered when Takara released their Buster Prime with movie accurate decals and paints. Damn!! Takara+Hasbro=repaints+profits. I think this is the formula being used by both companies. Sheeesssshhhhh..

View the pics here

6) Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III

No need to explain further bout this magnificent figure, you all already know bout it. Light up features was the main reason I purchased it. Happy with it but was also shattered when Hot Toys decided to release the Battle Damaged version.

View the pics here

5) Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-600

It's big, bad and ugly, not to mention light up features capability. What else could you ask for a 1/6 figure? The main reason why I chose this instead of the weathered or other versions was the articulated fingers. Besides, you can truly see how all the pistons worked together when moving the arms and legs. Awesome!!

View the pics here

4) Hot Toys Predator 1

The original Predator on the silver screen. Perfectly sculpted in every way and a tad short compared with the other Predators. Where's Dutch to bust this ugly motha up?? Hehehe...

View the pics here

3) Hot Toys Hellboy 2

I love Hellboy 2. Along with The Dark Knight and Iron Man, Hellboy 2 was my favourite movie of 2008. When I love a movie surely I wanted a souvenir to remind me how awesome the movie was and this figure was just it. Also, the head sculpt captured Ron Perlman's jaw and face perfectly. Planning to get Abe in the future.. We'll see how..

View the pics here

2) Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I

This to me is one the best made figure by Hot Toys. Why? Just look at the details. Though the articulation is restricted, you could not help but to fell in love with it. Well, if you don't believe me, just drop by at XL-Shop at Berjaya Times Square. See how beautifully it's being displayed with the other Mark suits and I guarantee, let me repeat myself, I guarantee you will be WOWED!!!

View the pics here

1) Hot Toys The Dark Knight Batmobile Tumbler

The most expensive toy I bought this year and probably the best. Waited for it for more than a year and a further two months for it the be shipped here. It's so huge, I had to reposition my toy shelves in order to accommodate this monster into my room.

View the pics here

It has been a good year for toy collecting. Me and Sembangtoys even got the chance to be in a newspaper this year and brag bout our beloved hobby.

For 2010, I'll slow down a bit. Need to channel all my income to other important things. Well, as Arnold said in Terminator 2, I'll be back...

Happy new year!!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Transformers Mighty Muggs Exclusive ROTF Optimus Prime & Bumblebee


Transformers Mighty Muggs Exclusive ROTF Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

Optimus Prime


With other Primes

For Bee, going to sell it..
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Two-Disc Special Edition DVD

A gift from my beloved gf..

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My latest haul

Haul for late November...

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, a gift from my gf...

McDonald's Supes, a gift from my dad..

JLI Batman, bought it myself..

That's all

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Wayne, Dent and Batman with the Batmobile Tumbler

Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent and Batman posing with the Batmobile Tumbler

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Optimus Prime / Convoy Collections Part 2

My updated Optimus Prime aka Convoy collections


Some unopened items:

On display:

The unopened items. No place to display them... So sad...

Still small though...
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